Thursday, October 13, 2011

Recruiting Trip

So today Stephanie and I did something different. We attended the Michigan State University College of Agriculture Job Fair. It was nice to get away from the farm for a day, although we do not understand why they have an agriculture job fair during harvest, but that is beyond our control. It was kind of damp today anyway. The event was held at the MSU Spartan Football Stadium, in fact in the same spot that we had our PLFP dealer meeting last year. But after our table set up, they gave us vendors a meal prior to the 4 pm start, and it was up in the press box of the stadium. (Notice our "Alumni" ribbons.) It is quite a view. Here is a view of the stadium from the press box. This weekend is the big rivalry game between the MSU Spartans and that team from Ann Arbor. It will be here at Spartan Stadium in front of over 76,000 fans. They had it covered, I guess due to the threat of rain. They had big blowers at either end to keep air flow over the turf. Did you know that MSU has beaten the lowly Wolverines the past three years? Well they have and hopefully it will be four straight on Saturday.Here is a view from the other side. This is the pool that I used to swim in many (ok, an extra "many") years ago. And I even dove off of that 10 meter tower on the left. Foolish youth. And that building on top is where MSU plays hockey. They were NCAA champions as recently as 2007.

Here is our table. We are talking to students about being an intern at the NCRS next summer. And who should stop by but Jeff and Amanda. They are doing well but certainly miss the farm. They are standing by their posters of their internship this past year. They should both be graduating next year, so if you are looking for some top notch workers, they would be an asset for your business. (Really! Contact me for more information.) Over the course of the evening we talked to a number of intern candidates, although they would have some big shoes to fill.

It is the first time we have been to this job fair, but it was pretty busy. There were 66 businesses and agencies there talking to students about internships and full time employment. It was fun to participate and see the students so full of hope and optimism. I was like that once...and still am as the future of agiculture is very promising. No matter what, people have to eat.

Now that was a day!