Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Harvest, Then Rain Delay

So it was kind of wet on Monday, and we switched to the corn head and harvested some corn. Not plots, but got some production corn out of the way and got the combine ready. Then yesterday it kind of dried up some and we switched back to soybeans to harvest our last two plots which were on Farm 3. Unlike last week when it felt like summer, it was cool and cloudy. Below we see Phil taking off the border rows to get ready to run the plots. On the left is one of our recently planted winter wheat plots that is looking good. Round and round as usual.
We were anxious to get done as rain was on the way. In fact the weather guy on the local weather channel said that heavy rain was possible over the next two days.

Looks like he was right based on this picture taken after lunch today.

So we will use this time to summarize results, work on equipment, and get ready to start corn harvest. Being cold and rainy out makes this a good day to eat up a big, steaming bowl of Butt Squash. Dive on in!