Thursday, October 6, 2011

More Soybeans Harvested Today

So remember last Wednesday when I showed a picture of a big field of soybeans that I said I would show again after harvest. Well here it is and that's Doug planting wheat. This field was tiled last fall and was still a little rough as it was no-till this year. So I'm sorry to say that we worked this ground to smooth it out, and we will return to reduced tillage in the future. In the meantime it was back to soybean plot harvest, today on Farm 5. And that means the grain cart was again chasing the combine around the plots.
Here is Phil dumping the beans from a plot into the grain cart for weighing.

Stephanie was back in the chair at the scale today as I conveniently had a meeting at the Liquid world headquarters this morning and early afternoon.

Phil demonstrates how happy all of us are during harvest.

We harvested two soybean experiments today. Here is the second experiment after soybean removal. It's a pretty scene of former landowner Lyle Hynes barn and shop. Lyle is still around.

So it was another good day. As far as the scene below....don't ask!

I forgot to mention that the summer-like weather continued today. It was up to nearly 80 degres this afternoon. This is great for our late corn. The warm weather will continue, and so will we.