Monday, October 24, 2011

Let's Harvest Corn!

So today was a very nice day here at the good ol' NCRS. A bit windy, but comfortable in the 50's. We got a couple inches of rain from last weeks storms, and it even rained some last night. But we were able to get into the fields having lighter soil today, and knocked out three corn experiments. Grain moisture was pretty good, from 20% in one experiment to 17% in another. Below we see the combine making the rounds on Farm 3. To speed things up we harvest the middle four rows of the plot, and take to border rows later. Weighing the grain from each plot is the same as with beans. But we fill up the grain cart and truck much faster.
We had very strong winds last week which stripped leaves from many of the trees. But there is still some nice fall color around.

This wheat on Farm 3 was planted on October 5 and was looking bright in the late afternoon sun. Recall that we leave tram lines for the sprayer to make topdress and other applications.

Quiz question for the day: What is this unusual crop that we baled up today? Troy gives his inspection.

Answer: It is baled up drip tape from plots. After years of collecting the drip tape in various ways, for the past couple years we found that the quickest and easiest way is to pull it out of the plots and run it up in the round baler. Then we will haul it to the dump in a compact bale. Anyway, we hope to continue harvesting corn plots tomorrow. But sadly, the rain man looks to return. Hopefully we can get something done before he does.