Monday, November 12, 2012

Orchard Duties

So sorry to not have put up something new for nearly a week.  But I've been busy.  No really.  But I wanted to show some of the work that Brian did last week.  He sent these pics.  He and Ashley went up by Traverse City, Michigan.  It is the Cherry Capitol, well of The Entire World.  Or so they say.  But Michigan does produce more tart cherries than anywhere else. There is a cherry grower up there that has used Liquid fertilizers for many years.  He is probably the top producer in the area.  He has also used Fase 2 on his trees since before it was a product.  Brian has been taking measurements of different treatments to document growth effects.  Here are some trees planted last fall.
Here are some tart cherry trees in their third growing season.  Brian has data on these shown in our research report and Research Supports Future Growth.  Check it out.  Those bigger trees in the back are sweet cherry trees.  
Here are Ashley's hands making a trunk diameter measurement with some calipers.
Meanwhile back at the NCRS today, Dan puts tree wraps on the 3000 apple trees in the orchard.  Yesterday it was nearly 70 degrees and sunny.  Today it's in the 30's and overcast. But Dan forges ahead.  We are fortunate to have an orchard pro like Dan.  It was really windy today and the guide wires were really humming.
So lots to do to get ready for 2013.