Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Office Tour Today

So I can't believe it's already been a month and a day since my last organized tour of the new office construction.  Today Nick and Troy showed a partial crew from the NCRS around the place.  Naturally I saw a procession and jumped in.  Here is the way the front looks now.  Compare that to last month and you will see progress.  There is a roof and protective enclosure of the Ag Tech Centre on the left.
In fact Troy is so happy with the concrete base inside that he started dancing.  It was a cross between Riverdance and the Hokey Pokey.
Nick unveiled the proposed floor plan the other day.  Here I am at where I think my office, er..cubicle, er...work station will be.  Actually they are very nice and spacious according to the model outside my trailer office that some guy from Guymon sits at occasionally.  How fitting that it has a tool chest there as everyone knows how handy I am with such things.  Although that looks suspiciously like a mop on the side.  Hmmm.  What else will I be doing in my work station?
Here is a view of the lobby area with the silo and the bridge.  And there is the elevator SHAFT! (Can you dig it?)
Here is the kitchen area.  I think I can make it from my work station to the kitchen in less than 10 seconds if there are no copy machines in the way.  You know, in case someone needs me to taste test something.
Here is the upstairs with the high wood ceiling.  It looks like a big area to heat, but it will be done very efficiently with geothermal heating and AC.  Pretty cool.
Work is progressing in the Ag Tech Centre.  (Not sure if my snobbish spelling will catch on, but you have to try.)  Troy has many ideas for this place, although many are still in the thought balloon stage.  But it will have things like the history of fertilizer, and Agro-Liquid of course.  And also planned are farm equipment simulator rides. 
Well I hope the next month doesn't fly by as fast as the last one.  But it is fun to look at those old pictures from way back then to see progress.  By the way, Shaun, the company Site Manager Developer Guy also has a blog.  It's about construction projects like the office here and at our manufacturing plants.  So take a look at all of the things Liquid is doing to keep the building industry going across America, all to enable better service to America's Farmers (plus Canada, Mexico, Belize and Ohio.)