Saturday, November 3, 2012

More Sugarbeets and TV Promo

So harvesting where we can, it was decided to harvest the sugarbeets on Farm 2.  Farm 7 is still a little muddy, so it will wait till next week, hopefully with no rain.  After topping the beets, the 4-row beet lifter drives down the middle 4 rows and extracts the beets from the ground.
Not familiar with a beet lifter?  Well those big wheels that you see on either side of the row actually lift them out of the ground.  Through a series of chains, the beets are dumped into the beet tank.
Then at the end of the plot, the beets are dumped into the scale wagon.  That's Tim left holding the bag at the back of the cart.  Actually after the dump and recording of the weight, Tim will collect some of the beets from the plot to take to the Michigan Sugar lab for quality analysis.
That's Stephanie recording the weights.  Well now the beets are all harvested for this year.  Remember the Farm 7 harvest on Monday.
Looking for something to do on next Monday night?  Well there is a show called RFD Live on the RFD TV channel.  Surely you have the RFD Channel don't you?  Well call a friend and invite yourself over to their TV room, and grab some snacks.  You see I am going to be on the show along with Mr. Jamie Dezarn of Security Seed and Chemical.  We will be discussing the growing season now that harvest is nearly wrapped up.  I do have some nice still pictures and some moving pictures.  And of course some research results appropriate to the topic.

Regular watchers will remember Liquid's last appearance in April.  I got to be on then too.  It was fun once it got started, but I was plenty nervous ahead of time.  So nerves are just starting to churn up a little now. But it will be fun to think back to then knowing what we know now.  {Of course you could say that about practically anything.)  But I need the ratings, so please watch!  (Even stooped to using exclamation points now.)