Sunday, April 21, 2013

Calendar Says Spring, But....

So we got snow on Friday night.  Saturday morning it completely covered the ground, at least where I live.  I went into town for breakfast and saw these flowers with snow on them.  They were partly protected, but still encountered the white stuff.  What does this picture make you think of?
1. The poor flower, all covered with cold snow.  Oh the humanity!
2. The flower will use it's beauty to defeat the cruel snow, much as good conquers evil.
3. Flower schmower.  Enough with the snow already. It's time to plant! 
Well this isn't such a rare event I guess.  Here is a picture of the NCRS that appeared in this very blog on April 18, 2011.  And to my recollection, every field got planted back then.
So here's where that "patience" word comes in again.  Oh the humanity!