Thursday, April 4, 2013

Time Goes Too Fast For Me

So I can't believe that a year ago today Brian, Tim and Dan were planting the apple orchard.  As the title says, Time Goes Too Fast...  Anyway, this was April 4, 2012 where Brian was driving the tractor following GPS lines with autotrack, Tim was reading the numbers on the tape where a tree would go, and Dan would watch the tape and put a tree on the number that Tim called.  Plus every 10th tree was a pollinator.  So not a job for slackers.
As you will recall, this is for a fixed spray system in the canopy, and was planted at high density.  Only 3.5 feet between trees.  Also recall that spring came way early last year.  Look at all of the green grass.  And they're wearing light clothes.
No green grass this year, as the picture taken today will show.  In fact no grass at all yet.  But look at how different it looks now.  The posts and canopy lines are set, tree wraps on, branches trained to follow the lines, bamboo rods installed to further guide growth.  The drip lines are all in place and the well as well.   
Now waiting for some warm days. But it sure looks nice.