Sunday, April 7, 2013

Into the Great Outdoors!

So this week was pretty good for getting some essential applications made.  Like topdressing wheat.  The mornings were cold and the ground was firm for Hagie spraying.  There are a number of different experiments that were treated this week.  Below Tim makes an application of nitrogen to plots on Farm 5.
For comparison an application of urea is made to plots on Farm 3.  We have updated the air machine for dry fertilizer, or as we call it: The Blower.  It does a nice job, and is much better than the old hand crank applications Stephanie and I used to do back in the dark ages.
Seed has been coming in lately.  Here Jeff unloads some big bags of soybeans.
It won't be long now.  By the way, I am off on a fertilizer mission this week and look forward to my reports from the field.  Good luck to those of you already putting seeds in the ground.