Thursday, April 25, 2013

Field Day Luxury!

So I pulled into the office parking lot this afternoon only to see one of our new people-hauling trailers there.  It is one of seven (I think) that will be used for the RFD's at the NCRS.  For the abbreviation challenged, that's the Research Field Days at the North Central Research Station.  It has always been a challenge to get enough good trailers for all of the people who attend the tours. Especially now that word is out on how good they are.  Well that won't be a problem this year with our new trailers.  They will of course be covered, and wired for sound.  The reclining seats is just a rumor. (Or is it?)
Anyway, there are 7 (that's SEVEN!) RFD events scheduled for this growing season.  Details and dates appear at the website on the Research tab.  Apparently Ashley is worried that she won't get a seat this summer, and has already staked out a prime spot.  She's even picking her favorite stops on the program.  I told you they were comfortable seats.  Come to a Research Field Day and keep her company.