Monday, April 15, 2013

Pre-Season Prep Work

So working at the NCRS isn't all fun and games.  As it gets close to full time field work, safety to ourselves and equipment is important.  If you make safety training a regular activity, you should keep it on your brain better than if you only do it once, or never.  The NCRS has brief weekly Friday afternoon safety presentations and discussion all through the winter.  Everyone gets a subject to take their turn to lead the discussion.  When I have ventured out to the farm for these sessions, they appear to be quite effective and taken seriously.  Below Stephanie covers Spring Reminders.  Safety seems to make Dan hungry as he eats his lupper during the meeting.
Everyone here operates tractors and other equipment on a regular basis. Robb addresses the group on routine tractor maintenance. You know, the things you should check, but may not always do it.  That way we won't have to be calling him when something does break from neglect.
Just about everyone here uses the Apex software on the Greenstar GPS guidance and operation recording system.  Tim gives a review of procedures and updates on the monitor there.  There are always updates.  I really don't do much of this anymore, being from the pen and paper recording days. 
Well surprise, surprise.  I get to go on another fertilizer mission tomorrow.  Make sure you check back for the exciting details.  Right here at your reliable research blog.  And remember, as Sgt. Esterhaus used to say: "Hey, let's be careful out there!"