Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Corn All Over in OK

 So on Tuesday of last week I was over a ways East of Oklahoma City, again mostly looking at corn planted with Pro-Germinator + Kalibrate + Micro 500.  As the picture shows, the corn looked as good, or better, than that from any of the traditional corn states.  Growing up in Oklahoma there was hardly any corn planted back in the day, but now it is a major crop throughout.  

These particular fields are of heavy clay soils with a CEC in the 30's to 40's.  But the Calcium-Magnesiun-Potassium base saturations are in the desirable ranges.  The Pro-Germinator is good for promoting good root development in the heavy soil.  You could see some water standing in fields, but the corn is holding on to its good color.  Like the previous day up North, it needs heat and sun.  We were wearing jackets which is very unusual for May in Oklahoma.  In fact, if this was a regular weather pattern, tile drainage would be advised particularly in these heavy soils.  But such rain patterns are unusual here.  I remember a college intern we had at the NCRS several years ago from the OK Panhandle who went to college at West Texas State.  He just could not believe that we use tile drainage to remove water from our soils, when they are so desperate to get water into their soils down there..

 Another champion field.
So I'm sure many of you are wondering about former Sales Account Manager Jacob who retired a couple years ago to farm full time.  Well I sent over to his place and we walked fields like we did so many times in the past.  Still using AgroLiquid of course, and it shows.  He is like many farmers with some family ground, some of his own, and some rented.  Here is some corn on rented ground.  By the way, the land owner also has grapes and a winery that is for sale there. So all oenophiles take note.  Plus you would have a great tenant farmer.
Here is a field of corn just South of the Grand Casino there.  But we had wheat research plots here years ago that showed yield benefits of adding ferti-Rain and N Response to wheat fungicides.  Those were the days.  But still had a great lunch at nearby Abulita Rosa's.  Worth the stop.
So that was an enjoyable day.  But even though it is great to be back in OK, it was time to head back to Michigan.  But another stop was made on the way.  Tune in next time to see what that was.  Worth the stop.