Sunday, May 15, 2016

OK Wheat Plots (or Great Looking Wheat Plots in Oklahoma)

So part of my Fertilizer Mission was to stop by one of our research plots in Oklahoma.  This is a ways West of Oklahoma City. We are evaluating different N sources for topdress.  I always think it's cool to see what happens with no N, particularly on a grass crop like wheat.  So here is a plot border with no N next to a plot with 10 gallons per acre of High NRG-N. It looked as bad there as it does here.

Retail Partner Parker Christian on the right and researcher Roger Musick take a close look at the plots.
 Roger likes what he sees.  So do we.
 As said, this is a topdress experiment.  In this part of dry OK, usually only 50 lb/A of N is applied. Treatments include a base of 10 gal/A of High NRG-N, with experimental additives including chloride (!) and carbon, a faster acting N, Micro 500, accesS, compared to 28% with and without eNhance.  So hopefully we will learn about N options.  I will say that this is the best looking wheat at this stae that I have ever seen here.  It was planted late due to rain, topdressed late due to rain, and then was in semi-drought, but has had good moisture recently and looks good.  The grain is in the milk stage. 
So that was encouraging.  More fertilizer mission to follow.