Sunday, May 22, 2016

Real Education at the NCRS

So while I was out on my fertilizer mission this past week, it finally dried out enough to get back to planting at the NCRS.  It was also the start of college internships.  There are six interns toiling at the NCRS this summer working in field crops and horticultural crops.  I met them briefly, but of course can't remember all of them.  But I do know that they are from the top two agricultural colleges in the world.  Will have an update at some point in the future.  But Stephanie sent me these couple pics of them working in one of the corn experiments.  I see that before they can use the mix tank and pump loading, they must start by filling buckets and pouring them in the planter tank.  I mean, that's how I started, and look at me now!  Well maybe not.
Check, re-check, and re-re-check that the tank lid is secure.
On a serious note, for once, I think that it's great that these college students get an opportunity to experience what an agri-business goes through for product support and discovery.  I still remember what my Ph.D. advisor at MSU said, that being Dr. Bill Meggitt: "Don't let school get in the way of your education."  Books and class are great, but experience is the best teacher.