Sunday, May 15, 2016

Rain-Free Monday Last Week. Only Day With No Rain.

 So Monday it had dried out enough to start planting again.  Above we see Tim and Quinten getting the planter ready on Farm 3.  Below Stephanie prepares the next treatment to be loaded into the planter.
On Farm 2 next to the NCRS office, Jacob makes beds for vegetable transplants.  The next day they would hold some celery and ready for more.
 In the distance on Farm 7, Jeff plants some corn.
Well I had to get into the action, like in the old days.  Quentin and I mixed fertilizer treatments for Tim to plant on Farm 12.  These weren't just any plots, but they are the AgroExpo Corn Challenge plots.  The treatments were made by different agronomists, including Brian and Darren Hefty.  These plots are a key part of the AgroExpo in August.  Want to see more, then be there.
A little work on Tuesday morning, then the rain started.  It prevented planting the rest of the week.  In the first few days of May there had been over three inches of rain.  Properly spaced, cold and cloudy to keep it wet.  But forecast drier next week.