Monday, May 30, 2016

Furniture Row Racing Dominates NASCAR Race

So what's this?  A crowd of people watching steam escape?
 No, it was the obligatory burn-out of the Coca Cola 600 champion Martin Truex after his victory on Saturday night.  He not only had the pole position, but lead 392 of the 400 lap race.  
So why is Martin Truex and Furniture Row Racing our favorite?  Because the owner is Barney Visser, who not only owns Furniture Row, but also farms several thousand dryland acres outside  of Denver and uses AgroLiquid on it.  That's him in the lower right corner, obviously pleased with the race outcome.  In fact, as has been reported previously, Mr. Visser has visited the NCRS several times as was learning about AgroLiquid, and has been a satisfied user now for several years.  I've even had the pleasure of visiting the farm there in the past.
Galynn worked with him extensively to get programs started and they still talk and text regularly.  So he knows success in business, farming and of course, racing.

Note: a previous win at Pocono last June was featured here in the blog.  That race is next Sunday and defending champion Martin Truex and Furniture Row Racing will go for two-in-a-row!